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Mission Statement

This organisation is not founded to restrict instructors but to assist them and to provide an organisation for the development of the arts of our former instructors.

To set up a grading panel of the most senior instructors in order to pass on knowledge and promote/grade Senior instructors accordingly to continue the growth and teachings of these instructors and thus their members.

To set up a media library of skills held by these individuals in order to preserve this knowledge for the most senior of instructors, in order to develop them in the future so they can disseminate the acquired knowledge.

To make available a professional curriculum and grading structure for all member clubs and their instructors.

To Provide training courses, seminars, conferences and a annual World Congress in order to improve communication and improve knowledge in their teaching and techniques. Thus promoting a best practice and brainstorming of new ideas for the improvement of all.

Providing a genuine platform for celebrating Martial Arts and the issuing of various awards.

This is not an organisation in competition with any other!

  • It is Independent of other organisations.
  • Financially independent “NOT for PROFIT” raising revenue from Instructors, club registration and membership fee’s and from sponsors, courses and resources such as certificate template etc & various grants.

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To create a divine combination of ‘Yoga & Martialyogarts’ for betterment of the World in 21st century and beyond.

The University was established with the philosophical vision of His Holiness Swami Ram Dev JI Maharaj and Prof.Dr.Dibyendu Nag to give new dimensions to the Philosophy of Yoga, Martialyogarts Workouts and Ayurveda,the oldest Traditions not of India but of the world to attain Self Knowledge,Self Wisdom,Self Glimpses,Self Reformation,Self Enlightenment and Self Realization as also to control and remove all the physical deformities,diseases and disorders.The main objective behind the creation of this Institution was to impart Spiritual,Scientific,Social and practical knowledge amongst the Youths irrespective of gender so that the cultural and medicinal heritage of India is propagated,promoted popularized and survived throughout the world.The other main objective was to provide the Younger generation job oriented courses offered by the University through different disciplines.

The University is opened with the following objects:
a)To establish and investigate scientific basis for the knowledge advanced by the ancient Indian sages and to undertake systematic research investigations in the background of scientific facts so as to provide it a firm foundation in the emerging world;

b)To provide employment oriented education and awaking to the youths so that they become in grained to preserve knowledge of Ayurveda,herbal medicines,food hygiene,Rashtradharma,Swadesh Prem and Swadeshi life style;

c)To establish various colleges and institutions based on traditional lines including Yog, Ayurveda, Martialyogarts...! and vedang etc.and to provide graduate and post graduate degree courses.And will have the right to meet our own objectives to run diploma courses and certificate programmes which may be sponsored by University Grants Commission;

d)To establish constituent centre for continuing Education to provide instructions through distance learning methodology foe the courses contained in © above. Martialyogart’s mission is to promote education as a fundamental human right, to improve the quality of education and to facilitate policy dialogue, knowledge sharing and capacity building.

As the Preamble to UNESCOs constitution reads, the States parties believed ‘in full and equal opportunities for education for all, in the unrestricted pursuit of objective truth and in the free exchange of ideas and knowledge". Since then, the world has changed but the right to education is more fundamental than ever for building knowledge societies.

As the lead agency coordinating the global drive to achieve Education for All, UNESCO works with a wide range of partners to make education a top priority on international, regional and national agendas. Informed by the EFA Global Monitoring Report, it highlights leading educational challenges, promotes better coordination between key stakeholders and facilitates information sharing to strengthen political commitment towards EFA.

UNESCO takes a holistic, comprehensive approach to the six EFA goals. Each one counts for providing quality education throughout life - strong foundations in early childhood, universal primary education, gender equality, life skills, literacy and quality learning at all stages, in both formal and non-formal approaches.

The Organization places particular emphasis on reaching countries farthest from the EFA goals, improving the quality of education through better policies for teachers, advocating for more investment in literacy and early childhood, the more neglected goals, and mobilizing more resources to achieve education for all.